DVCAI | Outsider
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Anna Meier is an artist living and working in Miami Fl.  She focuses on blurring the lines between art and life to create beneficial and eye opening experiences. Each of the projects of her projects is an attempt to understand how art and creative work can make a positive impact on society.


“Outsider” is a community-based project that draws on the complex history of Miami and focuses on the social and racial structures within the city’s different neighborhoods.  Using natural materials gathered from the neighborhoods to create different body-scapes, I then return to each neighborhood and ask somebody in the community to take my photograph while I wear the body-scape. In this way the work becomes a collaboration between me and various elements in the neighborhood. My intention with this work, is to explore and test the boundaries of racial, social, and class divides within Miami by inverting the traditional roles of subject and photographer, and spending time in communities where I do not necessarily fit in. While this work does address serious social issues, it is also about silliness.  When I wear a huge suit made of seedpods or leaves, I look ridiculous, and it’s a reminder that laughter is often the best way to break down barriers.