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Born in Guadeloupe, live in Martinique.

The artist researcher has been interested in the relationship between art and science since the 2000s, and directs his research in two main directions: interactive art (blimp in love project) and Bio Art (project DEVAH). In 2013, Henri Tauliaut exhibited EIMO at the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Martinique.

Since 2015, the artist performer performs a series of performances with choreographer performer Annabel Gueredrat. Together they develop the artistic worlds Aqua, Iguana, Afro-Punk and Techno-Shaman, and co-direct the Cyber Afro-Punk Laboratory around performative practices and Land Art at the Savanna of Petrifications.

He exhibits and performs in the Caribbean, South and North America, France and Senegal. He represents Guadeloupe / France in 2015 at the 12th Havana Biennial with Jungle Sphere 3.0. Henri tauliaut presents the Flying Shape Courtship at the National Gallery of Jamaica at the International Digital Exhibition in 2016.

In August of that same year, they are invited to the residence of artist NAVE of Santiago de Chile and In April 2017, they realize the 1st International Festival of Performing Arts of Martinique (FIAP in french, with the performer choreographer A.Gueredrat).

The artist Henri Tauliaut in July 2017 won the invitation to tender with Matynina (a monumental fresco) located at the Malécon of Fort-de-France Martinique.


March 7, 2019