DVCAI | Ronald Cyrille
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Ronald Cyrille

Ronald Cyrille

Young Guadeloupe artist, it is at the Caribbean Campus of the Arts of Martinique that I obtain my Master II in 2012. Born of a Dominican mother and a Guadeloupean father, it is on my mother’s native island I grew up from my eight months until I was nine.

Surreality is one of the key concepts that I propose in my works in a form of free figuration, which is itself worked by my views on contemporary society, but also by questioning what seems to undermine me or even animate me. I then question the place of remembrance, the place of my childhood. These places of memory then become matter to nourish my imagination and leave me a freedom of speculation on my own obsessions.

Read more: www.ronaldcyrille.com


April 17, 2017