DVCAI | Calypso: Izia Lindsay
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Calypso: Izia Lindsay

The University of Miami presents Calypso, A Master of Fine Arts exhibition by Izia Lindsay, featuring a series of artwork that reflects the essences of symbols in Trinidad & Tobago’s indigenous cultures, folklores, festivals and landscapes. Izia Lindsay is a mix-media artist from the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. He is exploring symbolism in Caribbean iconography that is rooted in tradition but interpreted with contemporary ideas. Caribbean iconography is used as a basis to create his multi-layered artistic narratives. He uses bold, geometric shapes that juxtapose and intersperse to form his pieces. The thematic whole is an epic narrative reproducing the dualities of his turbulent, cosmopolitan Caribbean life.
Lindsay is also known for his large murals that can be seen in Miami, one most recent being the columns at Shops at Sunset Place. He has worked and led a number of mural projects both in the Caribbean and the United States. Some of these murals can be seen in Wynwood Arts District, University of the West Indies, Trinidad, Suriname and Barbados. Lindsay is currently completing his MFA in multimedia at the University of Miami.
*Calypso is a popular style of music that originated from Trinidad and Tobago.