DVCAI | DVCAI Awardees
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DVCAI Awardees

DVCAI awardees will participate in a month – long residency. During that time, they will take time to think, create and mature their practice and conduct community conversations and events. Objectives: An accelerated maturation of the work of four mid-career, Miami-based visual artists that will allow them to compete on a global arts market. A heightened regional, national, and global profile of Miami artists, particularly those of the Caribbean diaspora. The creation of site – specific, socially engaging, and community – minded artworks. The grant amount is $5000.00 for each artist.



DVCAI is guided by the conviction that contemporary art is a vital social force that extends beyond the art world and into the broader culture. Our programming focuses on incubating the artistic and professional development of Caribbean, Latin American, and African-American artists to empower them to become professional mature artists and arts administrators. Our programs are inherently multicultural and accessible to all members of the community. DVCAI provides an atmosphere that is welcoming to those who might feel intimidated in other art spaces