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Monica Tyran

Monica Tyran

Monica Tyran is a screenprinter/printmaker and arts administrator who was born and raised in New Orleans. She creates illustrations and printed goods that reflect her imagination and formative imagery connected to her upbringing and family memories. She studied screenprinting and printmaking at Penland School of Arts & Crafts and letterpress & bookmaking at San Francisco Center for the Book. Her work has been exhibited at the New Orleans Community Printshop, Contemporary Arts Center, and Stella Jones Gallery in New Orleans. Tyran earned a BA in Visual Arts from Dillard University and a MA in Arts Administration from the University of New Orleans.
Statement for Series:
Duality explores the positive and negative spaces in life, between lines and in lived experiences. It is a subjective look at balance and lack thereof existing in dualities such as love and hate, peace and violence, life and death, black and white, courageousness and complicity, visible and invisibility. As with the dual nature of every story and the simple and complex decisions that define its vantage point, the artwork takes an internal and external look at life.
View website: www.monicatyran.com

October 7, 2023